Q. What payment methods does Troy Transportation accept?
A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Certified cheque (Bank Draft), Money order or cash. If paying using a credit card, the credit card and the credit card owner have to be present at delivery to sign for the transaction, unless other arrangements have been made beforehand.

Q. When is the payment due?
A. Full payment of the move is due upon delivery. Once the goods are picked up, we will advise you of the total shipping costs and weight. This allows you enough time to prepare the payment in time for the crew’s arrival at destination. Unless prior arrangements have been made, please ensure that full payment is ready for the crew’s arrival.

Q. How can I get an accurate estimate/quote for my move?
A. A good way to start is by clicking here(Link) to get a FREE no obligation estimate cost on your upcoming move. You will be contacted within 24 hours with a detailed quote. One of our moving consultants will be happy to speak with you further and develop a moving plan to accommodate your schedule and stay within your budget. We would also be happy to send an in-home estimate to take a look at your moving inventory and provide you a detailed written quote for your move.

Q. How will I know that my furniture has arrived?
A. Once your goods have reached the destination, one of our dispatchers will contact you on the numbers provided to confirm arrival and set up delivery date and time. Should you require storage, those arrangements can be made as well prior to delivery.

Q. Are there any re-delivery charges once I request for my goods to be delivered?
A. Re-delivery charges from our warehouse to your new residence are included with the price and no extra charges will apply. Storage charges past the free time offer will apply if applicable.

Q. Do you offer storage?
A. We offer storage to local and long distance moving companies. We have storage facilities, in our Toronto (head office), Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. We can arrange storage for your goods at other major locations with many of our other affiliates.

Q. How is my furniture protected during my move?
A. All of the furniture is protected using our Specially Padded Moving Blankets. Our moving crew will carefully wrap all of your furniture and will secure them using moving tape to ensure that the moving blankets remain on the furniture until arrival to your destination.

Q. When is a good time to call and book my move?
A. We recommend that you contact your moving consultant to book your move and arrange everything as soon as you have made your decision. This will ensure that we can accommodate yoru moving dates/times and other arrangements. A 2-3 week notice is recommended by most long distance movers. However, we can usually arrange a last minute move as well, but will less flexibility taking into account other customers who have pre-booked beforehand.

Q. Is this a Door to Door Service?
A. Troy Transportation Moving and Storage includes only a Door to Door service. We will pick-up your goods from your home and deliver them to your new home at no extra charges. We will even place all of your furniture exactly where you want them to be at no extra charges.

Q. What if it snows or rains on the day of the move?
A. Troy Transportation Moving and Storage works around most weather conditions. We respect and understand how important your moving plans are to you and your family. Our dipspatch will ensure to contact you should weather conditions will not permit us to perform your move, in advance and will make other arrangements to ensure that you are well taken care of. Rest assured that we will not abandon your moving plans and will make all efforts to stick to our original schedule.

Q. Do you sell/supply Boxes and packing materials?
A. Troy Transportation Moving and Storage offers boxes at all of our major locations. Simply inquire about our locations and we can either deliver them to your home before the move date or you can come and pick them up from one of our major locations.

Q. Should I leave my clothes in the drawers of my dressers?
A. We don’t recommend leaving clothing or any other items in the drawers. Our moving crew will have to be able to lift the furniture piece when transporting it. Also, when being transported furniture pieces sometimes get placed on their sides, when loaded with anything this may damage the frame and any drawers within it.

Q. What are the benefits of packing myself against having the moving agent packing?
A. When pre-packing your own goods, you are saving the cost of having it done by the carrier. However, that does limit how much the carrier is responsible for any broken items. If the carrier packs the goods, we take full responsibility for the condition of the goods upon arrival. Please inquire about our packing rates with your moving consultant. If there are any items that require extra attention it may be a good idea to have those items packed professionally.

Q. Do you charge for bigger/bulkier items such as pianos and ATVs?
A. If you are moving any bigger items that take extra space and require any extra handling, there may be a small charge to cover the expenses of extra handling or space that these items will occupy. Please inquire about any extra charges that may be applicable.

Q. Do you pick-up/delivery to multiple locations?
A. Troy Transportation Moving and Storage can arrange pick-up and/or deliveries to several locations. There are applicable charges for those. Charges are depending on the locations of the deliveries. Please inquire with our office about any applicable charges for these services.

Q. Do you move cars?
A. If you need to relocate your vehicle across the country, we can make arrangements and find you the best price in the industry. We will make arrangements through a third party to transport your car and you will have the convenience of paying everything on the same bill.

Q. What tax rate will you charge me?
A. Taxes are applicable to all moving charges. Applicable taxes for your move will be those of the destination province. For example, if you are moving from Toronto to Calgary, GST (5%) will apply to your move.

Q. Are my goods insured?
A. Troy Transportation Moving and Storage does not sell insurance as we are not an insurance broker. However, there is basic standard liability/coverage that is included with the move price. You are covered by Basic Liability Coverage for loss or damage to any of your property that we transport. Your entire shipment is valued by weight at 60 cents/lb., regardless of value. Weight is determined by scaling. Should anything be claimed, it is repaired or replaced up to the 60 cents/lb. of the item's weight.
 This means, an item's replacement value may be $1000 but, if its total weight is 100 pounds. The total amount paid by the Troy Transportation Moving and Storage would be 100 pounds x .60 / lb., or $60.00.

Q. Can I purchase/declare extra coverage?
A. Moving customers are encouraged to check with their homeowners insurance about coverage with their current provider about coverage during the move. A lot of customers don’t realize that they are already covered and do not need to purchase/pay for extra coverage. In the event of a claim, you are only able to claim with one provided as oppose to both. Your own coverage may be cost effective as you would not have to pay any extra premiums.
However, should you require any extra coverage, Troy Transportation Moving and Storage charges $42 for every $1000.00 of additional declared value. Please ensure that you advise your moving consultant about any additional coverage at least one day prior to your moving date.

Q. Is there a deductible?
A. There is an applicable deductible that applies to your move. Its applicable only once to every submitted claim. The deductible is $350.00.

Q. How do I file a claim?
A. At Troy Transportation Moving and Storage we take all measures to ensure that we have a very low claim ration. We currently have one of the lowest claims ration in the industry. However, in the rare instance that a mishap does occur, we encourage you to follow the following steps.
Note it on the Way Bill – If you notice any damaged/missing items as delivery is taking place, make sure to note those on the inventory list or way bill and let the movers know before they leave. If you do not notice and find something damaged and/or missing later, don’t worry as you have 20 days to check your belongings.

Let us know - call or email us and let immediately after noticing of any missing/damaged items. This will allow us to take the correct steps and ensure that we locate the item and return it back to you as soon as possible. In the event of damage we can arrange for any necessary repairs before it’s too late.

Fill out a claim form – Use our online claim form to submit an official report of any missing and/or damaged items. Please ensure that this step is completed within 20 days of delivery date to ensure that we can take the proper steps in repairing or recovering your items.

Please note: All items will be repaired (if possible) before a cash settlement will be offered.

Q. Do you offer discount?
A. We offer Student and Senior Discounts as well as Promotional Discounts. Inquire today by requesting a Free online Estimate!