June, 2011

I am writing to express my extreme gratitude to Troy Transportation, and in particular, Sales Manager Sofia Cohen.

I had a move scheduled on May 31 from New Westminster, BC to Edmonton, AB with another carrier. Premiere failed to arrive and I had to be out of my suite that day. Since the elevator could only be booked for a few hours and there were several other moves scheduled in the building that day, I was forced to move my belongings out of my condo to the lobby without a clear idea of where my stuff would go from there.

Sitting on a pile of boxes in the lobby, I began phoning companies who had responded to my initial request for quote. In this way I got in contact with Sofia at Troy Transportation. She expressed shock and sympathy for my situation and assured me she would help. She put me on hold briefly, came back and told me a truck would be there within an hour or two. The truck arrived within the hour to begin loading.

The movers on both ends were extremely professional and courteous and from there on the move went seamlessly. Sofia went out of her way to make sure I was taken care of and that my belongings arrived on the date I requested.

I am indebted to Sofia and to Troy Transportation for salvaging my move and making the best of a terrible situation. Troy was able to move me with no notice, in an extremely courteous and customer friendly fashion and at a cheaper cost than Premiere.

My deepest thanks and all the best,
Kris Sommerstad

March 17, 2011

These guys were great and price was just right.  I moved so many times before, but Troy Moving and Storage has really raised the bar for movers.  Truly a good experience.  Thanks a lot.

Morgan Stewart
Vancouver – Toronto
Client #19856

January 6, 2011

I got an email from them, next day called spoke to a nice lady and my move was booked.  It was simple and easy.  They always responded to my emails on time and I was well taken care of.  Would recommend you without a doubt.

Greg Berkin
Toronto – Edmonton
Client #21765

December 12, 2010

Had to move on a Saturday but my house didn’t close on time.  I was stranded with my kids having no place to sleep.  They came through for me and moved me at the last minute notice.  Will never forget that.  Thanks guys you really helped me out.
From our family we thank you and you will be recommended to everyone I know.

Brian Gorjisky
Newmarket – Toronto
Client #15431

November 29, 2010

I had a great move experience with these movers.  I moved from Toronto to Montreal and then moved back from Montreal to Toronto with them.  Both times they gave me free storage and everything was great.  I had a few glassed broken on the way but so be it.  The men were professional and took good care of my stuff.  The price was right.  I will use them again and again.
Great job!

Serge Bronskiy
Montreal – Toronto – Montreal
Client #12564

August 18, 2010

Moved for a year for my job to Winnipeg and had some stuff stored at their location and the rest delivered.  After a long term storage and a move back home, I cant say enough about them.  I appreciate everything.  Thanks for the break on the price for storage, much appreciated. 
Great customer service from the office crew!

Brandon Weir
Toronto – Winnipeg
Client #20965